Olefin Carpet

Here are a few pictures of  Olefin carpet in my own home at different magnifications levels.

Olefin Carpeted Hallway

Olefin Carpeted Hallway

Olefin Close Up

Olefin Close Up

Same Olefin

Same Olefin

nice detailed

nice and detailed

Olefin at 25X

Olefin at 25X

Olefin Carpet at 250X

Same Olefin Carpet at 250X

Olefin Carpet is also known as polypropylene and is a synthetic fiber.

Reasons to choose Olefin:

Olefin is solution dyed, meaning the color goes all the way though the fiber, (think carrot instead of radish) this means it’s incredibly hard to stain, and it’s color will not fade in sunlight.

The price is good. It’s some of the cheapest carpet on the market.

It’s mold and mildew resistant because it is extremely hydrophobic. Water will pass right though Olefin and individual fibers will float. Because liquids can’t absorb into this fiber drys fast, and mold doesn’t grow.

Reasons NOT to choose Olefin:

Although repels water, it absorbs oil. any oil based spills will be incredibly difficult to remove.

Olefin carpet has a very low relative melting point. The friction from dragging furniture across the room can provide enough heat to melt the carpet.

Olefin Carpet is not very resilient, Other carpet fibers will spring back to life even after repeated crushing, but Olefin carpet doesn’t hold up to traffic very well. Once it gets matted down you are going to have a traffic pattern that will be noticeably different then the carpet in lighter traffic areas.

To overcome the poor resilience of this fiber it is often sold as a short looped or berber carpet.  The short tight pile makes it so if it is worn, crushed and matted, at least it’s less noticeable then if it was a plush cut pile.



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The Awful Carpet Looks NEW!

Just want to say that I am very pleased with the work that Kevin did at my house  today. He was great and I will certainly use you all again. Thank you for great work!  The awful carpet looks NEW!

- Susan Damski

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Lummi Island

lummi island ferry dock

Lummi island

I’ve been out to Lummi Island 2 weeks in a row now and love cleaning out there. The day always starts out with a small ferry ride out to the island. Rain or shine it’s just nice to be out on the water and enjoying the salt air, and beautiful view.

I was asking my last Lummi Island customer how she heard about our company, and I was pleased to hear that kind words were spoken about us on the community Facebook page.


We do have to charge a little extra to cover for the time and ferry cost to the island, but with the ferry only being $13 these costs are minimal. If you are a savvy consumer you can always schedule with neighbors, if we have a few jobs on the island instead of just one we just waive the travel fees.

This past Saturday While I was in line to board the ferry leaving the island I got approached and asked if I had time to clean another carpet while I was there. I always schedule extra time when headed out to Lummi and was very happy to take on the extra job. I think that worked out well for both of us.

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Best In Bellingham

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Valentine Interiors – Liz Valentine-McCaffery

Planning a home improvement project or remodel?
For how much time and energy you are going to put into a project it makes so much sense to hire a interior designer to make sure you are getting not only what looks good now, but what will fit your needs now, and in the future.

I was at a carpet store the other day looking at new carpet, and the salesman came up and started trying to sell me a type of carpet that would have been horrible for the application I was going to use it for.  As I asked him a few questions about the carpet fibers and the characteristics of the type of carpet he was trying to sell me on it quickly became apparent that he knew  very little about the product he was selling besides a few talking points.

On the other hand, as I have gotten to know Liz,  she really knows her carpet. So instead of buying carpet based solely on the look and feel, she can also match the correct flooring with your needs.

I bet she is really good and helping decide on colors and would be great at designing a new kitchen or bath for you, but all I know is floors, and I know that Liz knows her flooring well.  So if you are looking for a designer that would be a great advocate for you when dealing with the flooring companies in town that might just be trying to sell what they want to sell you instead of what you need, you have to give Valentine Interiors a call.

Valentine Interiors - Liz Valentine-McCaffery


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Cable Cords

Cord on carpet        Cable Off Carpet

Cables like this one that have been painted and have other stuff on the cord can turn a freshly cleaned carpet into a perfect job except for that ugly stain that wasn’t there before. It’s best to push the cable back into the wall to shorten it up a little or find another way gets these cables out of the way either before or during the cleaning. We can clean right around and under them, but the best practice is to eliminate the possibility of resoiling by removing extra segments of cable, lifting it out of the way, or shortening it as pictured above by pushing the cable back into the wall.

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White Carpet

This white carpet is from a home with 4 kids and pets but you can’t tell after a good cleaning. If you are planning to put new carpet into a room ask yourself, “are there ever going to be kids or pets in this room?” If the answer is yes, or even a maybe, white carpet is not for you.  It is pretty when it is all clean though.

White Carpet

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You won’t be disappointed!

Carpet Cleaning Review from westview

We’ve been working with Gavin and his team for the past few years–and I can’t recommend them enough. Not only are they incredibly pleasant to work with, but they consistently perform their jobs at the highest level. Our property management company deals with Gavin exclusively to clean our apartments–and every summer that’s been anywhere between 50-80 jobs, sometimes more. A few of us in the office have also had him clean our personal homes, and in all those times, we’ve never had a major issue. The very few instances we’ve asked them to come back for touch ups, they did so promptly, kindly and at no additional cost. They do what they promise when they promise for how much they promise–you won’t be disappointed!

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Furniture Sliders



Waxman Furniture Sliders


Furniture Sliders by Waxman:

After cleaning several houses that use these furniture sliders I can say that I am a fan.

These sliders are great for making furniture easy to move around, sliding effortlessly over carpet. But what really makes me a fan of these furniture gliders is that once they are put on the furniture and left there, they help redistribute the weight of furniture making sure depression marks are kept in check.  These little guys are also great for creating a barrier between freshly cleaned carpet that can be left damp, and damage causing things like wood stain, or rusting metal, often found on upholstery and table legs. With furniture sliders items that would usually have to be kept off the carpet until it was bone dry, can be put back in place right after a cleaning, with an easy slide.



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Fitting the van into the garage

Carpet Cleaning Van not fitting in Garage

Van almost in the garage

I took the antenna off of my van and also cut some trim wood out of the top opening of my garage in an attempt to fit the van into the garage. It appears that I am still 2-3 inches too tall to squeeze in. I’ve raised the opening as far as I dare, and taken off all accessories that make the van taller.

Bellinghams cold weather is very hard on carpet cleaning equipment. Although I can winterize all of the equipment to prevent damage, it is a lengthy process that would have to be repeated nightly during the winter months. Heating the inside of the van to prevent damage is costly, and unreliable. the only real fix it to make this big van, fit in that small garage.

Van in Garage

It Fits!

After a mechanic lowered the van it was able to get into the garage, but the top of the van is still hitting the bottom edge of the garage opening. With a little extra weight in the back I can get it in and out. I am glad that I can get it out of the cold, but i still need to have the opening of the garage made another inch taller.

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