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Carpet Cleaning Review from westview

We’ve been working with Gavin and his team for the past few years–and I can’t recommend them enough. Not only are they incredibly pleasant to work with, but they consistently perform their jobs at the highest level. Our property management company deals with Gavin exclusively to clean our apartments–and every summer that’s been anywhere between 50-80 jobs, sometimes more. A few of us in the office have also had him clean our personal homes, and in all those times, we’ve never had a major issue. The very few instances we’ve asked them to come back for touch ups, they did so promptly, kindly and at no additional cost. They do what they promise when they promise for how much they promise–you won’t be disappointed!

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Furniture Sliders



Waxman Furniture Sliders


Furniture Sliders by Waxman:

After cleaning several houses that use these furniture sliders I can say that I am a fan.

These sliders are great for making furniture easy to move around, sliding effortlessly over carpet. But what really makes me a fan of these furniture gliders is that once they are put on the furniture and left there, they help redistribute the weight of furniture making sure depression marks are kept in check.  These little guys are also great for creating a barrier between freshly cleaned carpet that can be left damp, and damage causing things like wood stain, or rusting metal, often found on upholstery and table legs. With furniture sliders items that would usually have to be kept off the carpet until it was bone dry, can be put back in place right after a cleaning, with an easy slide.



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Fitting the van into the garage

Carpet Cleaning Van not fitting in Garage

Van almost in the garage

I took the antenna off of my van and also cut some trim wood out of the top opening of my garage in an attempt to fit the van into the garage. It appears that I am still 2-3 inches too tall to squeeze in. I’ve raised the opening as far as I dare, and taken off all accessories that make the van taller.

Bellinghams cold weather is very hard on carpet cleaning equipment. Although I can winterize all of the equipment to prevent damage, it is a lengthy process that would have to be repeated nightly during the winter months. Heating the inside of the van to prevent damage is costly, and unreliable. the only real fix it to make this big van, fit in that small garage.

Van in Garage

It Fits!

After a mechanic lowered the van it was able to get into the garage, but the top of the van is still hitting the bottom edge of the garage opening. With a little extra weight in the back I can get it in and out. I am glad that I can get it out of the cold, but i still need to have the opening of the garage made another inch taller.

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New Truckmount Engine

It was time to replace the engine in my truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. I have a prochem legend with a 20 HP Kohler Engine in it. After ordering the new engine I called a local mechanic to help me with the project and booked him for the day after the engine was to be delivered.

This van and equipment had been well used before I had bought it, and maintenance was not done regularly as it should have been done, because of this there was a lot of clean up and other maintenance work that I had to do along side the install of the new engine.

Hoses were replaced, the exhaust manifold required some welding to fix a few cracks, new gaskets were put in, and all the areas I couldn’t reach when the engine was in place were cleaned. While we had everything apart new drain hoses were added to the engine and pump to make oil changes easier.

Total project time was 6 hours.

Kohler 20hp

Old Engine Being Removed

Prochem Legend without engine

Cleaning up the Prochem Truckmount with Engine Removed


Kohler 20HP

New Kohler Command 20HP Engine ready to be installed.

New Kohler Engine in it's new home

New engine mounted in place.



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Prochem Shroud Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Back View of Prochem TMMid-winter is the perfect time to perform maintenance and get do other projects that get pushed aside during the summer. This winter I am rebuilding the truck mounted equipment. The guts of the equipment are going to be getting a good looking at, all the hoses get replaced, and this year the engine gets replaced as well. Covering the engine on my pro-chem truck-mount is a shroud that protects things from falling into the engine. When I get everything maintained and running nice and smooth it’ll be the icing on the cake to put this newly painted shroud back on the Truck-mount. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce things up.

Painted Prochem Shroud

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Bellingham Railway Museum

Bellingham Railway Museum

Carpet cleaning can take you into businesses that you never would have found otherwise, one of these businesses is the Bellingham Railway Museum. It was a very fun job to clean these carpets because not only was I cleaning, but I was going slowly though all of the exhibits at the museum.  Bellingham has a wonderful history and the unique perspective of industry and trains that this museum offers is just beautifully done. If you have not checked it out it is worth a look.

More information on their webpage at:


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Entertainment Center Marks

entertainment center marksTV’s and other entertainment equipment has gotten much lighter over the past decade, This shift has had a huge impact on the type of entertainment centers seen in houses. We’ve gone from large wooden structures that will support the heavy CRT monitors we were using as TVs to having the TV mounted directly onto the wall and an entertainment center only to hold peripheral devices. One thing that I see is the footprint of new entertainment centers on the carpet is minimal, so although the total weight has been cut down significantly, the weight per square inch placed onto the carpet from the footprint of the piece of furniture has stayed the same or even increased. The result is that the carpet fibers get compacted down in the area where the furniture meets the carpet, This is pretty easily corrected, usually not causing lifelong damage to the fibers. The real issue is the backing of the carpet and the padding of the carpet. When the padding is crushed for a sustained period it can loose it’s resiliency , likewise the backing of the carpet changes shape, and the depressed marks from the furniture doesn’t go away. The key to solving this problem much like many other problems is prevention. If any of your furniture is prone to putting a lot of weight on the carpet without spreading it evenly over enough surface area, you may want to consider buying furniture sliders. Furniture sliders not only will prevent depression marks in your carpet, they will make it easier to move furniture around, and prevent stain transfer from wooden pieces, or rust from metal legs as well.

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Door to Door Chemical Sales

So today was they day a chemical salesman got dropped off at my door to sell me some chemicals. Now they guy who came to my door didn’t tell quite as many jokes, but was still a pretty good salesman. Besides the high pressure sales tactics most people don’t enjoy, here are a few reasons not to use these chemicals, especially on carpets.

The first reason not to use this chemical is that the main ingredient is 2-Butoxyethanol a solvent that will weaken the glue holding the carpet fibers to the backing of your carpet.

Reason 2, here is the MSDS of Kleen Warrior (the brand being sold to me today). Look closely and you will find a PH of 13.5 give or take .5  the PH scale only goes from 0 – 14, and this stuff has a PH of between 13 and 14, the highest PH you could possibly have.  This Extremely high PH will void your carpet warranty because it will strip the stain resistant qualities away from your nylon carpets that have acid dye blockers, and will physically damage wool fibers.

Is it good at getting grease out, you bet, just don’t use it on your carpets.

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Cold Cleaning in Everson

This past week has seen some of the coldest days in years. The cold weather presents a few challenges for carpet cleaners, no so much on the cleaning of carpets side of business, but on more so on protecting the carpet cleaning equipment. If the equipment freezes it can break fittings and hoses, and even cause a lot of damage to the very core of the truck mounted equipment. Luckily once you get up and running everything stays hot for a while, so even though the temperatures were in the teens, and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground once we got our machines up and running we were able to clean all day. Bellingham seems to shut down when there is even a little snow, so it didn’t surprise me when a few customers cancelled their appointments because of the cold weather, lucky for us Valley Land and Homes needed some units cleaned right away, so we spent a very cold day up in Everson, steam cleaning carpets while watching it snow out the window.

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Checkered Rental Carpet

Every now and then I get to clean some carpet where I’m  not sure if anything can be done. After walking through and taking a careful look at the commercial grade carpet in a rental house, I was happy to find that there was no real damage to the carpet, although it was very dirty, there were no holes, bleaching, fading, or stains. What I did find was a lot of dirt and spots to clean. When I was halfway done with the last room in the house, I had to take a quick picture.

Checkered Rental Carpet

Checkered Rental Carpet

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